About Unity in the Community

Mum & childUnity in the Community (Scottish charity SC040466) was set up as an off-shoot of the Unity Centre in 2009. Since then it has grown  with over 50 people volunteering for the charity every week in our many different projects or in our charity shops.

Unity in the Community works to provide practical support and solidarity for people in need in our communities, especially asylum seekers.

Imagine being in a strange city, in a strange country, unable to speak the language, not allowed to work to support yourself or your family and facing the threat of dawn raids, detention and even deportation back to a conflict zone.

We’re an independent charity run completely by volunteers and funded entirely by donations from our supporters and through the money we raise from our charity shops. Our projects include the Unity World Cafe & Food-bank; Govan Community Bike Workshop; Unity English classes; the Unity Allotment Group; the Unity LGBT asylum seeker support group and our free clothing service.

Unity in the Community brings people together to make stronger communities and to  protect the environment!


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