Free Clothing


Unity in the Community distributes free clothing for anyone in need.

For example you could be:

  • A destitute asylum seeker
  • Homeless
  • Recently released from an institution
  • Had to leave your home in a hurry
  • Had a fire or flood damage your belongings

Sometimes we can also help find baby equipment, push-chairs, etc for expectant mums or some household items – contact us to find out if we can help.

We distribute the clothing from our clothing depot based upstairs in our charity shop at 70 Shaw Street, Govan. You can find more information about our shops here and a link to a map showing their locations here.

Please note volunteers cannot hand out free clothes to anyone asking for them – you must be referred to us from another agency.

Using the free clothing service

To access the free clothing service you must be referred to us from another agency. Volunteers working in the charity shop cannot give out free clothing to people who haven’t got a completed ‘Clothing Voucher’.

If you wish to refer someone to the free clothing service please use the link below to print off and complete a Clothing Voucher which can be taken to the charity shop to access the service.

Download Clothing Voucher here



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